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Why does the indexer leak oil?

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Update time : 2019-05-18 22:00:07
In the use of the indexer, oil leakage often occurs, which will have a greater impact on production. On the one hand, it will cause pollution to the automation system. On the other hand, the indexer will cause no cooling oil. The components heat up and wear, shortening the life of the indexer. What is the cause of the oil leakage of the indexer? The following points are combined for your reference.
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1. The amount of oil added to the indexer is too much. This situation is mainly caused by oil leakage from the vent hole of the indexer. After a period of time, when the liquid level of the oil level is lower than the vent hole, it will be used normally.
2. The assembly screw of the indexer is loose, mainly occurs at the beginning of use and adjustment, there will be oil leakage. During the assembly process, the screw is not tightened or the screw is not in place, causing the oil seal and the sealing ring to loosen and cause oil leakage. This phenomenon generally occurs during the test phase.
3. Functional oil leakage, screw hole penetration in the indexer box installation will also exist, resulting in oil leakage during use.
4. The material of the divider box is stricter. If there is blisters in the box material itself, the cooling oil will leak from the blisters of the box after using the separator for a period of time.
5. The oil leakage of the indexer also occurs during the assembly process, and the screws such as the eccentric cover penetrate.
6. The oil seal in the indexer is broken or the O-ring is broken, resulting in less leakage of the indexer, but it also occurs.
From the above points, we can see that the oil leakage of the indexer, the occurrence of human occurrence and the generation of functionality will exist, and the influence of external factors such as impact is eliminated. In the event of oil leakage, it is recommended that the indexer be manufactured by the manufacturer. Fault detection, cause analysis and maintenance.