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When the indexer motor brakes, the motor is stopped first or the brake is stopped first.

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Update time : 2019-05-16 20:41:46
The motor that is the drive source of the indexer realizes the intermittent stop and stop function during assembly and use with the indexer. Then, in the running automation system, the brake action of the motor is frequently stopped, in order to ensure the brake The positioning is timely and precise, and the motor inertia of the motor is effectively eliminated. Most of the brake motors are used.
The motor and the brake system respectively have separate power cords. In use, the customer thinks that it is more troublesome to connect the power cables separately. The power cable and the brakes of the motor are connected to the same power supply, so that the motor can work normally, however, The brakes are not working properly and do not achieve the desired effect of using the brakes. Therefore, the correct method is to separate the motor and the brake from different power sources. The motor and the brake are two different individuals. The brake system works when the motor is stopped, and can delay the start and stop time of the brake power supply and the motor power supply by 0.1 to 0.4. Seconds, generally in the case of inverter control, stop the motor first, then start the brake. In this way, the life of the motor can be effectively guaranteed.
The selection of the indexer needs to consider the load, accuracy, speed and other factors. In the selection of the motor, the power is one of the main considerations. The function of the motor using the inverter is to ensure that the motor is within the rated power range and pass the motor. The speed is adjusted to control the speed at which the indexer operates. Therefore, in the mechanical operation of the intermittent stop using the cam indexer, the inverter and the brake for the motor control are common components.