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What is the influencing factor of the torque value of the indexer?

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Update time : 2019-06-12 20:52:26
On the premise of the motor as the driving source, the motor is connected to the input shaft of the indexer, and the input shaft drives the output shaft for mechanical movement. As the whole mechanism of the indexer, the stability of the action of the input shaft determines the whole set. The stability of the indexer, which is what we call the torque value of the cam indexer.
From the perspective of mechanical motion principle, there are three main factors that affect the input shaft of the indexer:
1. Mechanical inertia, any mechanical in the case of motion will produce mechanical inertia, but due to the performance of the machine itself, the size of the inertia is different, the indexer input shaft continuously rotates, the output shaft makes intermittent or swinging mechanical action, From the movement to the stop process, the inertia of the power switching will be generated. Similarly, the process from the stop to the movement will also generate the corresponding mechanical inertia. The inertia generated by the indexer itself is largely derived from the indexer cam. The structural curve, the smoothness of the point, line and surface transmission of the needle cam and the needle bearing of the output shaft can also be called the mechanical fit, and the machining curve of the cam comes from the machining program design of the cam cam, so The cams processed by different equipments will be essentially different in application, and this is the reason. This is also a very important factor for the distinction between imported equipment and domestic processing equipment. I believe that in the near future, with the advancement of technology, our domestic processing equipment can also reach the level of equipment with mechanical technology in developed countries.
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2. Counter-power, mainly the indexer input shaft drive is generated under the condition of chain drive or multi-angle transmission. The drive such as chain or gear makes the input have mechanical gap, noise and vibration are difficult to avoid, and it will also increase the removal. The inertia of the indexer itself beyond the inertia. In case of necessary use, it is recommended to use under low speed and increased lubrication.
3. The connection between the motor and the indexer shaft is bent, eccentric, deformed and the displacement of the connecting hole, etc., which also affects the stability of the torque value of the indexer. This requires the mechanical installation rules to be followed when the indexer is installed. The shaft and bearing connections used are tested under conditions and then connected.