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What is the application range of DF series cam indexer and its own characteristics?

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Update time : 2019-03-17 17:10:50
DF series cam indexer is one of the more commonly used equipments in industrial production. In the automatic industrial production, each manufacturer introduces high-quality, high-precision products for the production needs, and the application fields are more and more wide, such as Electronic equipment manufacturing, chemical machinery, glass ceramic machinery, packaging machinery, assembly production lines, automated robots, electrical manufacturing assembly, combined machinery, transmission machinery, automated production lines, etc.DF series of cam indexers maintain the original high quality, high The advantages of precision, etc., also have a clearer and simpler mounting plane. For example, the well-known Kemide brand cam indexer in China is widely used in the same industry. At present, industrial production, especially in automated industrial production, is becoming more and more demanding for automation, high speed and high precision, due to cam segmentation. The device runs smoothly, safely and simply, and has become the mainstream device for precision drives in the world. The DF cam indexer plays a very important role as the core drive of the automation machine.

 Features of DF series cam indexer
   1. Output shaft shape: shaft and flange type integrated output shaft
   2. Internal lubrication: Internal lubrication with advanced grease
   3. Output shaft optional torque limiter
   4. Input shaft can be equipped with gear reduction motor, timing cam, sensor, etc.
   5. Torque compensator can be customized according to needs
   6. Shaft spacing by type: 45DF/60DF/70DF/80DF/110DF/140DF/180DF/250DF
   7. Number of stations: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 (other special processing)
   8. Curve: superior dynamic characteristics, the original cam curve (SMS-3)
     In short, the DF series has heavy load characteristics and can withstand large vertical radial and axial pressures, because its output shaft is disc-type, with flange center, disk surface screw hole, positioning pin hole, fixed The wide surface can enhance the flatness and stability, making the operation more stable and stable.