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What does the indexer model code in the CAMDEX selection mean?

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Update time : 2019-03-17 17:14:19
In the selection process of the Camde cam indexer, the technical engineers first need to know what the meaning of the model code of the indexer is. Then Xiaobian will make a detailed description for each model of Shenzhen Lian Printing Automation.
Model code for the Camde cam indexer: RU 80 DF 08 120 2 R S3 VW 1 X
  The meaning of the code representation
  RU RU stands for roller cam, and another model is called PU, which stands for flat conjugate cam
 80 Distance between input shaft and output shaft, expressed in millimeters, "80mm"
  DF DF indicates that the model is flange type, other models such as DHF hollow type, DS spindle type, PU flat type, DT platform table type
  8 indicates the division of the aliquot, divided equally by demand, such as 6, 10, 12, 24, etc.
  120 means the driving angle, also called the angle of rotation, 120 means the angle of rotation is 120 degrees, and others are 90, 160, 180, 270, 360, etc.
  2 indicates the type of curve, as well as 2L, 2R2, etc.
  R means to the right, every turn, the other L means to the left, R2, L2, etc.
  S3 represents the way the input shaft is
  VW body mounting screw hole surface
  1 Installation method 1.2.3.
  X Other special requirements
 The code of the above model indicates that the meaning of each does not need to be calculated. If it is calculated, some simple algorithms are also used.