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What are the ways to connect the disc to the indexer?Rotary indexing table manufacturers

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Update time : 2019-06-13 20:14:58
In the automation system, there are many rotary machines, and the intermittent transmission needs to ensure the accuracy of the system on the one hand, and the speed of the rotary machine on the other hand to ensure the efficiency and use effect of the entire automation system.
For the disc and indexer connection mode of the turntable, it is the topic of automation system design. The indexer itself has a certain degree of precision, and after connecting with the disc, the accuracy range of the system will be enlarged, from the angle system. In terms of error, even for large-diameter discs, the accuracy of most commonly used industries is in accordance with the requirements of use. The connection of mechanical parts will have a certain impact on the accuracy. Therefore, when we do automation design, we will try our best. Avoid or use some indirect connections, which to some extent guarantee the accuracy error between the mechanical components due to the connection.
What are the ways to connect the disc to the indexer?Rotary indexing table manufacturers
Therefore, we advocate the use of the cam indexer automation system and the disc is directly connected, the flange type indexer, the structure is a flanged short shaft, with positioning function, the small flange can be fixedly connected Role, and for some large diameter discs, most of them use hollow flange connections, such as DA type indexer, flange face and disc connection, circumferential fixed way, so that there is almost no between the two components Because of the impact of mechanical connections on accuracy.
However, in practical applications, there will be problems such as design, and there is no guarantee that the disc and the indexer are directly connected. For example, later design modifications, technological innovations, and other production requirements, the intermediate flanges that are often used for connection, Large couplings, etc., can not help but say that the influence of the intermediate connection mechanism on the accuracy of the whole system is recommended for the automation system with high precision requirements, especially for the case where the speed and accuracy requirements coexist, for the disc and the indexer. The connection method is evaluated effectively. Because the distance between the indexer and the system disc is increased, not only the radial accuracy but also the axial runout is considered. The high-speed use system will have a greater influence on this method.
The direct connection between the mechanical components will be reduced to some extent due to the influence of the deformation of the component on the accuracy. If it is necessary to extend the connection distance between the disc and the cam divider, it is recommended to negotiate with the divider manufacturer. The form of non-standard processing ensures that the output shaft of the indexer is partially integrated, which will reduce the influence on the accuracy of the disc during use.