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What are the installation methods of the cam indexer?cam indexer application

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Update time : 2019-06-18 19:53:18
The choice of the indexer installation method depends on the actual design needs. There are many situations in which the installation of most indexers is considered from the technical point of view, as well as the loss of energy and the guarantee of the accuracy of the indexer. In actual use, the direct connection is used. More.
What is the direct connection of the indexer, here is the automatic system indexer installed on the front side, with the V face as the bottom face and the W face up, the drive connection between the drive source motor and the indexer of the indexer is directly connected. In this way, the motor orientation is horizontal or vertical, and the direction in which the motor is placed depends on the position of the drive disc and the divider, and the horizontal placement is used mostly. If the vertical direction of the motor is taken, most of it should be hollowed out on the mounting base. This situation needs to look at the space requirements of the entire automation system at the beginning of the design. Therefore, these factors must be taken at the beginning of the indexer selection. determine. The connection between the motor and the indexer is fixed by screws with a connecting plate. This connection method is called direct connection.
cam indexer application
The direct connection between the cam indexer and the motor guarantees the accuracy of the use of the indexer to a certain extent, especially some automated disc drive systems that operate at high speeds in light loads, because the overall connection method avoids excessive transmission parts. The impact of the effect, the middle of the connecting plate can be used to use the size of the indexer model, using one or two combinations, most small indexers, due to the area of ​​the mounting surface, will cause hole interference, so use Two connecting plates are carried out. The way that the cam indexer is directly connected to the motor is generally a small number of stations, the overall design is relatively simple, the installation space of the system is allowed, and the use is not necessary for the accuracy.