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What are the functions of the rotary cam indexer

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Update time : 2019-04-19 20:22:23
The application of rotary cam indexer in automation equipment is more and more extensive. Based on the principle and characteristics of the splitter, its role in automation equipment is more comprehensive. Taken together, it includes the following four aspects: the function of the intermittent splitter, the swinging operation, the lifting motion, and the irregular splitter motion.
The function of the intermittent splitter in the principle of the splitter, the split drive of the input shaft, and the regular intermittent motion, which is more common in practical production applications. In the disc design of the automated assembly system, after the station is determined, the work is utilized. Intermittent time difference, complete drilling, tapping, plastic keys, metal parts installation, etc., under the action of cam splitting, complete the movement and stop work, in the actual application process, multiple models and types of splitters Combine to complete more complex and continuous production actions.
  The swinging operation belongs to the principle of reciprocating motion generated by the cam segmentation of the splitter. The continuous rotation of the input shaft, under the action of the splitting, the output shaft reciprocates. In production, this swinging application is more commonly used in the same In the two machining operations of the process, or the same machining operation of two different processes, in some large machines, parts that need to reach the swinging demand are often used, and some swinging mechanical actions are also accustomed to using the motor. The way the pole switches, but from the stability in use, the advantage of the splitter is more.
  The main feature of the lift-type splitter principle is to complete the lifting and lowering production action, most of which are used in the lifting operation of the machine, especially the high-speed production action. The stability of the rotary cam indexer is beyond the reach of other equipment, also in these lifting actions. In the demand, the cost of the splitter is lower than that of the design or the actual application. What the lifting and splitting machine can achieve is the operation of the high and low working position, or the processing condition, and the function of the lifting movement realized by the directional force splitting.
  The arbitrarily divided function belongs to the special function cam drive. In the production of the rotary cam indexer, most of them belong to the regular split drive. If irregular time intervals are required, then the dynamic stop of the motor is needed to realize the time interval control. . The control method of this kind of situation is relatively large, with the aid of signal cam, plus PLC control combination, etc. In addition, the photoelectric sensing device is also commonly used in such facilities. It is worth mentioning that the use of this arbitrary segmentation requires a more detailed analysis and calculation of the selection of the splitter, so that the stable operation, energy consumption, and operating cost of the device can be in an ideal state.
  The above is a detailed summary of the role of the commonly used rotary cam indexer. In the practical application of automation, there are various ways to use the splitter. With the advancement and development of industrial technology, the level of technological innovation With continuous improvement, the segmentation industry will also adapt to the needs of the market, continuously innovate and expand, and the future segmentation market will be more novel and diversified.