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The Use Method of Guaranteeing the Precision of Cam indexer

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Update time : 2019-03-09 22:23:38
This is a lengthy topic. Any enterprise wants its equipment to play a greater role and create greater value. The use of cam indexer is the same. Every link will determine the service life of components. So how can we extend the service life of cam indexer components and bring greater productivity to enterprises?
The choice of cam indexer, an enterprise with initial product demand has no choice of direction. It is suggested that the first step is to select products by engineers in automation industry. It is not in favor of direct purchase of finished products. The better way is to complete the purchase of products through customization. The selection of cam indexer is suggested through the following points: 1. Brand 2. Manufacturer's history 3. Product's accuracy and product's precision selection are difficult to some extent. But professional engineers also have ways to choose, that is, the adoption of cam indexer's processing equipment, the use of testing equipment, and the technical ability of engineers and the communication with engineers of manufacturers are the key links. Festival. If we blindly answer OK and available technicians, but can not analyze and select practical parameters from the point of view of mechanical principle and production, we are advised not to adopt them. The main purpose of the selection is tailor-made. If even basic principle engineers can not conduct comprehensive analysis, how can we select more suitable products?
The accuracy of product installation and cam indexer determines that the professionalism and technicality of installation and slightly misaligned connection of mechanical components will affect the accuracy of the whole component. The division of every angle in the accuracy of cam indexer is related, which will greatly lead to the momentum of the whole body. If the installation and debugging are not in place, the transmission within the cam indexer will be seriously affected. Moving cam will directly affect the accuracy of segmentation, and may not have a big difference in a short time, but it will cause serious damage for a long time. Therefore, installation and commissioning must be carried out by professional engineers, and the installation and commissioning can be directed by the manufacturer or directly completed by the manufacturer if conditions permit.
Maintenance and repair of cam indexer is the rule of all mechanical equipment. The cam indexer must be maintained and maintained strictly according to the requirement period of the instruction, and periodic spot check arrangement should be made. It can't work with fault. The cam indexer has been debugged precisely by the manufacturer before leaving the factory. It is in a better state of accuracy. Therefore, even if the equipment fails in use, it is not recommended that the manufacturer enter directly. Dismantling should be directed by the manufacturer or handed over directly to the manufacturer for disposal.
Correct use and maintenance of machinery will ensure the stable operation of equipment, but also a better way to ensure service life. Because of its own characteristics and accuracy, the cam indexer is particularly important in this regard. Enterprises pay more attention to value, and the correct use method is a better embodiment of value.