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The reason why the indexer produces the card machine,globoidal cam indexer

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Update time : 2019-06-17 20:08:16
The use of cam indexers for automated turntables, on the one hand, is due to cost considerations, on the other hand, the mechanical stability unique to the indexer, the need for mechanical action in high torque, high speed intermittent or sway, and the multi-station weight The mechanical characteristics of the load operation are not available in any other equipment. After the indexer is used for a period of time, the phenomenon of the card machine may suddenly appear. What is the reason?
the indexer,globoidal cam indexer
In the use of the cam indexer, when the card crash occurs, sometimes the indexer is reversed. What we have analyzed is that after the indexer is used for a period of time, you should look for the following reasons:
1. When the indexer does not have a driving effect, first find the cause from the drive source, check the operation of the motor, the current change, whether there is an overload phenomenon, the gearbox operation of the motor, no load In the case of the rotation, the brakes of the motor are checked. In the case of system operation, the brakes are in a de-energized state. After confirming the parameters of the motor, go to the second step.
2. Check the sensing system of the indexer. The stuck position of the system is within the range of the indexer drive angle or the range of the indexer's angle of repose. If there is a reversal, then it must be in the range of the drive angle. Check whether the angle of the signal cam is consistent with the driving angle of the input shaft of the indexer. If an offset occurs, the reason for checking the offset is what the screw is loose, etc. If the angle of the signal cam is correct, then the sensor switch is checked. In the case of error-free, the signal transmission condition is detected again, and the above conditions are normal, and then the next step is checked.
3. There are many coupling mechanisms of the indexer, especially in the case of transmissions such as synchronous wheels, the installation and the solid parts involved should be confirmed one by one. If it is OK, we can determine whether it is the fault of the indexer, the indexer Damage to the input cam will cause jamming, but from the experience of use, this situation is rare, unless there is a serious overload operation, the other situation is that the cam roller on the turret is broken, it will also cause The trapping phenomenon of the indexer, when a similar situation occurs, it is recommended to inform the manufacturer to check the indexer. In the absence of industry experience, do not disassemble the indexer by yourself.