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The reason why the cam indexer is very loud when used,rotary indexer

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Update time : 2019-06-07 20:15:40
Whether it is the electronics industry or the mechanical assembly industry, when using the automation system, it is hoped that the whole set of machinery should not have too much sound when running. On the one hand, it prevents excessive noise generation, and on the other hand, it causes abnormal damage to the machine itself. If the sound is too loud, it will make it difficult for engineers and technicians to make correct judgments on some mechanical abnormalities or malfunctions.
rotary indexer
When the sound of the automation system is too large, it is necessary to first judge the various parameters of the running machine, because as the machine itself, there is a natural noise generated by friction or vibration. After eliminating the noise inherent in the operation of the machine itself, the existing situation is analyzed to make a correct judgment.
The cam indexer itself has no driving function, and the motor needs to be used as a driving source to play its role. When the sound of the automation system is too large, it is necessary to confirm whether the motor or the speed of the speed reducer rotates or the vibration generated by the rotation. Whether a member such as a sound or a disc rotates with other members during the rotation generates noise, and at the same time, the type of the sound is also distinguished from the sense of vibration, vibration, friction, impact, and the like.
Check the mounting surface of the disc, motor, indexer, etc. of the automation system, especially the mounting surface of the indexer. In addition to the entire automation system, most of the motors and reducers are also directly installed. In this case, if the mounting surface is unstable or the associated screws are loose, it will affect the use of the entire automation system.
If the output current of the motor inverter as the driving source is unstable, the shaft speed of the indexer will be fast and slow. If the speed of the input and output shaft is not uniform, the indexer body will generate noise. The current of the inverter is measured and checked, and the stability of the current output of the inverter must be guaranteed.
In the indexer selection, there is no accounting, so that the motion load of the entire automation system exceeds the load that the indexer itself can bear, and the cam indexer will generate a large abnormal noise. In the case of heavy load, the friction and collision between the components of the divider are increased, and there is a large noise while generating large wear.
Therefore, before the indexer is put into use, be sure to lock all the fastening screws of the connecting parts, fixing parts, etc. In addition, it is necessary to check whether there is enough lubricating oil in the box of the indexer, and pay attention to confirm during use. Whether there is overheating outside the box, these will indirectly lead to the sound of the indexer is too large.