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The problem of combining the indexer with the stepper motor

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Update time : 2019-03-24 22:17:36
In the machine, the combination of stepping motor and cam indexer is used to achieve precise positioning. According to the matching type of the two components, the influence on the demand accuracy is determined. If it is a fixed station, the stepping motor is used for the cam indexer. There is no effect, but if it is any point stop, there will be a situation where the positioning is not accurate, because the stepping motor will lose the step, and the lost step will directly affect the positioning of the cam indexer.
cam indexing drive
  In some factories, the number of pulses is used to fine-tune the position of the cam indexer. It depends on the driver they use. The current control program is divided into two categories. One is photoelectric sensing, which is currently the most factories. The other type used is PLC processing. The PLC can be used to start and stop at any angle. That is to say, the stepping is performed by the number of pulses to adjust the positioning and precision control. However, this control method will save the above mentioned The common problem is that the signal is lost, and the segmentation cannot be unified, and the accuracy of stopping at any point cannot be achieved.
  The combination of stepping motor and cam indexer will produce vibration, mainly when the stepping motor runs at low speed, the output torque is not enough, that is, we say that the pulse quantity is not enough, and the vibration will affect the cam indexer. The segmentation accuracy. Therefore, many engineers in stepper motors adopt a method that does not add a reducer and uses torque to deliver a larger drive angle to ensure the torque of the load.
  In the case of a fixed station, the cam indexer has its own function of positioning and self-locking, mainly to ensure high precision and good stability, and there is no self-locking function when stopping at any point, because in the stepper motor and cam In the combination of the indexer, the motor acts as a drive and the cam indexer acts as a precise positioning. To achieve higher precision, start by widening the diameter of the disc used for the indexer to ensure an increased radiation angle, which will also ensure smooth running.
In short, the combination of stepper motor and cam indexer is an eternal technology, and it is necessary for engineers and technicians in this industry to continue research and exploration of science and technology to make this technology more optimized.