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The indexer also has electrical erosion? Obital cam indexer

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Update time : 2019-08-24 16:53:17
What is the electrical erosion of the divider? After research by the most professional technicians of domestic divider manufacturers, when the current passes through the input/output shaft, the spark generated by the contact between the rotating bodies will cause slight corrosion on the surface of the rotating body, thus causing the domestic indexer cam transmission. The output shaft and the ball groove produce fine grooves that cannot be repaired. This phenomenon is called electric erosion. Even at currents less than one volt, current spikes can induce an eclipse. Therefore, if the product has an opportunity to contact the current, make sure it is insulated.
Obital cam indexer
Long-term electric erosion will lead to the vibration and working noise of the internal transmission parts of the domestic indexer. When connecting the motor and eventually speeding up its practical life, try to use a rubber coupling with high insulation. The use of rubber V-belts, timing belts, etc. can also effectively prevent the occurrence of electrical corrosion.