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The correct adjustment method is an important condition to ensure the service life of the cam indexer

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Update time : 2019-03-29 21:04:09
For the manufacturers of automation equipment, in addition to meeting the usage parameters, the product life expectancy is a concern, because the small and medium-sized enterprises are mainly considering the purchase of cam dividers. Cost-effective, of course, from the perspective of cost savings, the life of the product really means the value that the cam indexer can create. One factor that affects the service life of the cam indexer is that the indexer is adjusted during use. The cam indexer is A high-precision machined part is carefully assembled and adjusted by the manufacturer before leaving the factory. Due to its high precision, any improper adjustment method will affect the accuracy of the cam indexer. Impurity changes will cause impact, noise, damage to the cam indexer, and the expected speed and bearing capacity will not be achieved, resulting in wear. Thereby shortening the life of the cam divider. So how do you adjust the cam indexer?
1. First, after using for a period of time, you need to adjust the distance between the axes:
  When the cam indexer is used for a long time and worn, a gap will appear in the positioning work area. In this case, the gap can be eliminated by adjusting the distance between the shafts. Another method is to eliminate the gap by simultaneously adjusting the eccentric sleeves at both ends of the input shaft.
2. In addition, the deviation of the position of the input and output shafts will also occur in the production, and it needs to be solved by adjustment:
  Adjust the axial position of the cam indexer by adjusting the lock nut on either side of the cam or the bearing gland on both sides of the input shaft. The axial position of the indexer wheel can also be adjusted by adjusting the bearings on either side of the output shaft or the lock nut at the rear. In addition, it is necessary to prompt the manufacturers to use them. The cam indexer is carefully adjusted by the professional engineer at the time of leaving the factory, and the user is not allowed to adjust it privately to prevent misadjustment. If it is necessary to adjust the better way during the use process, it is to protect the product.