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Speed ​​is an important factor in determining the quality of the indexer,globoidal cam indexing drives

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Update time : 2019-05-31 20:11:30
The demander of some indexers does not consider the speed problem when selecting the indexer, which causes the entire system to vibrate under the high-speed operation of the automation system. It is also said that the indexer is unstable. This situation is very easy to cause. The degradation of the accuracy of the entire automation system can even affect the offset of the indexing.
The speed of the indexer is not slow. From the current point of view, there is no defined standard. What we are reviewing is the situation that is very easy to occur in the actual application. The speed of the Kemide indexer can reach 600RPM under normal conditions. That is to say, the rotation speed of the input shaft can reach 10 turns per second, and the higher the speed can reach 800 RPM. In this case, the mechanical performance of the indexer is a great test. Therefore, we consider the case where the input shaft is lower than 1 second, which is considered to be a high-speed operation of the indexer.
indexing drive shaft,globoidal cam indexing drives
In the case of high-speed operation, the input cam and the output turret of the indexer will have a large inertia impact during the switching process from the movement to the stop, or from the stop to the start of the athlete, and the cam surface The switching point and the mechanical matching movement with the output turret are the main reasons for the indexer to produce the jitter. The highest state of mechanical motion is not by the transmission. We are used to saying that the indexer's input cam pulls the output turret movement, but the actual machinery The movement should be a harmonious match between the components, which needs to include the indexer cam and the output turret from the beginning of the design to the processing, considering the harmonious matching of the points, lines and faces between the cam and the roller. . From the perspective of mechanical motion, the friction generated by the wear between the machines is reduced to a greater extent.
During the operation of the indexer, the contact between the curved surface and the curved surface is unavoidable. Therefore, the use of the material and the precision of the processing have a great influence on the joint and friction between the components, the hardness of the material and the surface of the cam. The smoothness of the processing is the cause of the jitter of the components of the divider when it is rotated. This is what we have always emphasized, the use of divider materials, and the importance of the use of processing equipment for the quality of the divider itself. It is also worth mentioning that measuring equipment is also indispensable.