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Reasons for inaccurate cam splitter indexing,rotary index drive,indexing gear

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Update time : 2019-06-05 20:48:23
The splitter sometimes has inaccurate indexing in use, and Xiaobian has summarized several tips for checking to help you.
First of all, the division of the splitter is not accurate, we call the deviation of the output shaft indexing angle. For the disc machine, the processing station must be consistent with the stop position of the clamp, and the stop time of the splitter should also be Uniform processing needs. In the normal use of deviation, it is necessary to check whether the signal cam angle of the signal transmission on the input shaft is consistent with the driving angle of the splitter input shaft. If loosening occurs, the angle between the two components will be shifted. Then, the signal transmitted through the light or proximity switch will advance or lag.
The input shaft of the splitter is continuously rotated by 360 degrees. During the rotation process, the action of the splitting and stopping of the output shaft is completed by the input cam, so we should pay attention to the output shaft of the splitter from static to static or from static to dynamic. The switching point, when the splitter input shaft rotates to the position of the stationary angle, whether the output shaft stops during the stationary period. For the standard model of the splitter, to find the standard position of the splitter accurately, we have introduced it in detail in the previous soft text, and with a clear illustration. It is necessary to find the position of the keyway in the stationary period, that is, the center line of the keyway input shaft is perpendicular to the output shaft, which is the center point of the angle of the splitter.
rotary index drive,indexing gear
In the inspection of the indexing angle, all other parts such as the turntable connected to the splitter output shaft need to be removed to ensure that the splitter operates without load, check whether the output shaft has inertia, and return to production if conditions permit. The factory uses a higher precision angle meter for measurements. When it is confirmed that the splitter exceeds the standard index, it is re-adjusted by the splitter manufacturer or the cam is replaced.
Sometimes it also occurs in multi-station operation, where a station or multiple stations are loose, which is caused by damage to the needle bearing of the relevant station, and the roller bearing needs to be replaced.
If all stations are loose or inaccurate, indicating that the splitter cam mechanism is damaged or broken, this situation is rare in practical applications, mostly in the case of a collision or severely exceeds the load operation. Caused by use. The solution is that only the factory returned to the factory for repairs.