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Reasons for gaps in individual stations in the splitter

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Update time : 2019-06-04 20:26:17
There will also be gaps in the individual stations in the use of the splitter. Here is a simple analysis for everyone. Under normal circumstances, the normal use of the splitter accidentally creates a gap, most of which is caused by the system overload operation.
When the cam splitter is in use, the breakage of the cam will cause the splitter to be stuck. On the one hand, the metal debris is stuck due to breakage. On the other hand, the splitter can still operate normally, but at each station. To create a regular gap, then in this case, it is necessary to consider repairing or replacing the input cam of the splitter.
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The breakage of the cam is less common in the splitter, because most of the cams use steel materials with a hardness of 58-62HRC, and the surface is subjected to high-temperature carburizing treatment. The surface of the carburized coating is up to 1.2. Mm, which not only guarantees the surface hardness, but also has the metal toughness of the product structure. Therefore, most of the broken parts in the splitter will first occur on the needle bearing on the output turret. The needle roller bearing actually uses a material that is resistant to wear and impact, but it is a combined structure with respect to the cam. It is still inferior to the solid part of the cam when the load is exceeded. .
In the case where the needle bearing is damaged in the splitter, a gap will occur at the fixed station. In the case of a multi-station disc machine, even two or more irregular gaps may occur, and the needle is deformed or Damage can not be repaired and can only be replaced. It is recommended that the splitter be returned to the factory for inspection and repair in the event of a similar situation.