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Problems that must be paid attention to when installing the cam indexer output mode

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Update time : 2019-03-28 21:00:35
There are two kinds of output modes of the cam indexer drive, one is direct drive and the other is indirect drive. The back drive of the indirect drive is large, so it should be avoided when designing and using. While understanding the output structure, you must first familiarize yourself with the structure connected to the output of the cam indexer. 1. Docking with the shaft through the flange and sleeve. 2. Coordination of the shaft hole through the key. 3. Connection between the flanges.
  The intermittent output of the cam indexer, from stationary to moving, and then from moving to stationary, produces a large inertia. In addition, the matching clearance between the connectors is easy to loose between the output end and the connecting member. The front punch and lag generate vibration. This not only reduces the output accuracy, but also seriously damages the cam indexer and its internal cam and needle bearing. Therefore, based on the above reasons, pay attention to the following points during the operation. :
  1. The clearance between the hole and the shaft should not be too large, and the key connection should not be too loose; during the movement of the cam, the gap of the hole shaft is too large to cause centrifugation, which seriously affects the accuracy and cannot meet the required parameters and standards; Will damage the cam divider;
  2. The shaft and the shaft are docked. The connection between the flanges cannot be eccentric or skewed to ensure the coaxiality. This is a key issue to be considered, because the eccentricity and deflection will not only distort the accuracy of the cam segmentation, but also Other connection accessories have an effect, which affects the life of the cam indexer and even causes the cam indexer to be directly damaged and cannot be used. Therefore, it is recommended that each manufacturer use it to be installed or commissioned by a professional engineer or engineering technician before use.
  3. Flange connection plus unloading nails and tighten with bolts. What is said here is a general reminder, because in the use of the cam indexer, all the joints must be fully followed up and detected. In general, because a small part of the joint is not in place, it will affect the overall situation.
  In short, the above problem must be paid close attention to the installation of the cam indexer. The cam indexer is a high-precision mechanical component. Although everyone thinks its structure is relatively simple, its role is very large. It is not an exaggeration to call it an automated joint. I hope the above suggestions can help you.