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Principle of cam indexer rocking transmission mechanism

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Update time : 2019-04-06 18:53:08
One of the cam indexers is a wobble type transmission, and the wobble type transmission refers to reciprocating motion at the output end of the cam indexer. This method is also widely used in actual production, then Today, Li An Yin Xiaobian will tell you how the swing cam indexer works.
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    In the case of a rocking transmission, the input shaft that rotates at a constant speed causes the output axial direction to rotate forward and backward (also in the left and right directions, the principle is the same), while rotating forward and backward In addition to the situation, the center point of rotation and the angle of rotation can be set to some extent depending on the needs of production and technology.
The secondary pressure created in the cam and cam rollers contributes to good rotation and avoids backlash problems due to the fact that there are two cam rollers carrying a continuously operating dimension of the support ribs.
In use, in general, when the rocker arm is mounted on the output shaft and above the roller in front of the rocking actuator, the mechanism can be guided to move forward and serve as a transport device. In the use of the cam indexer, the swaying drive mechanism is designed as an intermittent splitting device. Rotation during splitting and stopping increases the stability and speed of the machine. This is also the widely used swing cam indexer in practical applications.