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Precision rotary index drive installation method

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Update time : 2019-03-27 21:44:50
The rotary index drive is a high-precision component. Its production, processing and inspection are carried out by high-precision equipment. The precise processing and correct assembly adjustment are obtained by the customer's demanding division mechanism, except in the process of packaging, handling and transportation. In the process of strong vibration and rough operation, it is strictly forbidden to read the instruction manual before use by the manufacturer, and the installation and use shall be carried out by professionals. The internal facilities shall not be adjusted, disassembled or assembled without authorization.
Before mounting with a motor or other device, check the mounting surface of the divider to check if there is any damage on the surface. For slight scratches and damage, simply trim it with oil sandpaper or the like.
 Determine the correct position of the input and output shafts, install the locating pins as required, and tighten the tightening screws evenly.
It should be reminded that the rotary index drive is subjected to the pulsating load moment, the static momentum is large, the assembly must be fastened, and the installed joints must be periodically checked.
 The structural characteristics of the rotary index drive, the vertical or parallelism of its mounting surface with respect to the input and output shafts, the installation base of the equipment must ensure the input of the rotary index drive, and the direction of the output shaft and the input and output directions of the required equipment. Coaxial, can not produce deviation and eccentricity. Otherwise, it will affect the accuracy of the output, not only can not meet the needs of use, but also seriously damage the rotary index drive. In any case, the rotary index drive is strictly prohibited from working under abnormal stress conditions.
 When the input and output shafts are mounted, all the associated couplings with the input and output shafts of the rotary index drive should be in the direction of rotation without back impact and stable rotation.
Care must be taken when installing the turret, sprocket, pulley, gear, flange, etc. on the input and output shafts of the rotary index drive. It is forbidden to hammer and impact with a hammer, otherwise it will be the needle bearing of the cam inside the rotary index drive.
When the input and output shafts are erected, sufficient center adjustment must be performed first. The input shaft and output shaft of the rotary index drive are processed by H6 grade, including the hole diameter is also H6 grade, so it is smoother when pressing in, and pay attention to the matching of the upper and lower limit deviation between the hole and the shaft, the fixed joint The key cannot be too loose.
After the rotary index drive is installed, when the parts are machined, attached, clamped, and tooled, the eccentricity or step error of the workbench used together should be adjusted and eliminated by the instrument.