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Precautions during the installation and use of the indexer-rotary indexing table machine

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Update time : 2019-08-12 21:16:38
The indexer belongs to a kind of precision component, especially for the protection of the input shaft and the output shaft of the indexer, because the accidental collision in use will affect the accuracy of the indexer. Therefore, in the use and handling, you must pay attention to the protection of these parts.
rotary indexing table machine
When moving the cam indexer, the input shaft and output of the indexer cannot be used as support, because this will have a negative impact on the accuracy of the product. In severe cases, the service life of the indexer will be affected. When it is necessary to move, it is possible to use an auxiliary machine such as a lifting eye.
The body of the cam indexer will be equipped with oil filling holes, oil mirrors and oil discharging holes. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that these holes can be easily operated during oil replacement during installation, and also to protect the oil mirror from being hit by sharp objects. It is also a special concern when it comes to daily maintenance and maintenance.
The indexer must be installed on a flat and sturdy base surface during use. To ensure the stability of the mounting surface, strong vibrations are generated during operation to ensure the performance of the indexer due to the operation of the entire system.
When installing the indexer, ensure that all the connecting parts must be aligned with the input shaft and the output shaft and locked, especially the keyway and the tightening of the screws. Whenever possible, use a tapered connector or a flange that can be locked with a screw.
The more important point is that the oil hole screw on the surface of the indexer body must be removed before use. Because the cam indexer is running at high speed or continuously, the lubricating oil in the box will generate a certain amount of heat. If it is not discharged for a long time. Out of the box, will have a certain impact on the life of the indexer and the oil seal and other parts. Therefore, there is a small screw on the oil hole screw of each indexer. When the indexer is installed, the user must remove the small screw before use to achieve the ventilation effect, thus ensuring the use of the indexer.