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Mechanical principle of cam indexer indexing-indexing gearbox

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Update time : 2019-08-05 21:28:34
Nowadays, the indexer has been applied to the application of various industries. Its function is mainly to segment one or more segments of an object, so in the case of its intermittent indexer, we often have to design it. , not only for the improvement of performance, but also for the direction of application and operation of the project. So how does it move in automated machinery?
indexing gearbox
Cam indexer It is the most sophisticated, reliable and stable intermittent transmission mechanism in the world. It can convert continuous input motion into intermittent indexing motion.
Indexing device: It is the intermittent split rotary motion of (stop → split → stop → split).
Stop: It is the section where the output shaft does not rotate, that is, the state in which the follower roller of the roller cam is in close contact with the cam line is called staying.
Splitting: It is the section where the output shaft rotates, that is, the state in which the follower roller of the roller cam is in close contact with the cam curve is called splitting.
 Generally, for each rotation of the input shaft, the output shaft is divided once and stayed once.
The number of stops between the output shaft and one revolution is the number of collisions. If these stops are determined, they can be processed for combination inspection. If the rotary disc of the output shaft is connected to the rotary automatic machine, it can also be used as the main power source of the machine.
If a sprocket or pulley is attached to the output shaft and mated with a chain or belt, it can also be used as an in-line automatic machine for conveyor belts that are intermittently conveyed.
The rocking device is a device that performs continuous constant-speed rotation by the input shaft and reciprocating rotary motion of the output shaft.
Not only can it be a simple reciprocating rotary motion, but it can also be used to make any setting of the intermediate position, stop position or swing angle of a certain degree of rotation.
Roller device: it is the reducer. In order to obtain no uneven rotation and good rotation and high torque, the reducer is the most important choice. In addition to the deceleration application, the reducer can also be used as the end of the indexing plate. Any segmentation or positioning of the follower.
The camber (plane) conjugate cam on the input shaft meshes with the indexing wheel on the output shaft without gaps (parallel), and the curved section of the camber (planar) convex contour surface drives the index wheel to rotate, straight line The segment causes the indexing wheel to stand still and locate the self-locking. Normally, each time the input shaft completes a 360° rotation, the output shaft simultaneously completes an indexing motion (stationary and indexing). The ratio of the time at which the output shaft runs to rest during an indexing movement is determined by the driving angle of the cam. The so-called cam driving angle refers to the angle at which the input cam drives the rotation of the output shaft. The larger the angle, the smoother the operation of the mechanism. When the input shaft has finished driving the drive angle, the output shaft begins to stand still. The angle at which the input shaft rotates when the output shaft is stationary is called the angle of repose, and the sum of the angle and the driving angle is 360°.
There are different types of indexer tools among the different indexer applications. The indexer is used in different fields and is also used by different types of indexers.