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Mechanical principle of cam indexer and stepper motor

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Update time : 2019-03-26 23:11:01
This topic may be misunderstood by the reader. The cam indexer can be replaced by a stepper motor. This is not comprehensive because in an automated machine, the stepper motor acts as a drive and the indexer acts as a split positioning device, two mechanical devices. It is complementary. Many people who don't understand these two devices will treat the two devices as functions. In fact, stepper motors and cam indexers have separate functions, but their main difference is that the cams The torque and angle of the indexer are not available in any other machine including stepper motors. The splitting action of the cam indexer is to change the motion of the machine into a fixed motion, and this function is stepped at a small angle. The motor can also be reached, but the pulse signal of the stepper motor will cause the loss of the splitting action, which is also a big disadvantage of the stepper motor. Therefore, at least in the current automation industry, there are only a handful of devices that can replace the cam indexer. It is determined by the structure and characteristics of the cam indexer itself.
  The structure of the cam indexer is relatively simple. The main part is composed of two parts: the three-dimensional cam and the indexer disc. The internal detailed components include the input shaft, the output shaft, the taper support rib, the cam, the output turret, the cam roller and so on. The simple components play a high-precision role because of the perfect combination. The cam indexer operates accurately, both in the segmented area and in the stationary part of the part. It has a very accurate positioning. Other components are omitted. Some locking functions can realize the arbitrarily determined dynamic and static ratio and the number of divisions required. Moreover, it is relatively stable during the transmission process, and is divided by the support of the stereo cam curve, so that its motion curve characteristics are good, small vibration and low noise are both From this smooth continuous transmission. The precise division of the cam ensures extremely high output accuracy, generally below ≤±50", like the domestic Kemd brand accuracy can reach ≤±30", even higher. Cam Another advantage of the indexer is that its high-speed performance is good. There is no gap meshing transmission between the three-dimensional cam of the indexer and the indexer wheel. In the case of high-speed operation, the impact vibration between components is small, and high speed can be realized. Run, higher speeds can reach 900rPm, or even higher, and simple structure and scientific structure so that its service life is longer, up to 12,000 hours of run time limit.
  In short, the cam indexer has become an indispensable part of the automation machine. The cam indexer itself has functions that other equipment does not have. The stepper motor also has its own advantages, so a clever engineering technician According to the advantages and characteristics of each machine, they can be perfectly combined to play a greater role in the technology machinery.