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Magnetic pole shape design in DD motor

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Update time : 2019-09-02 15:59:29
DD motor production is a relatively complicated process. Similarly, for the design of the motor, there are certain difficulties. In order to achieve the high-precision positioning of torque pulse and cogging torque, it is necessary to add a magnetic flux density distribution at the core of the motor. Analysis, positioning accuracy will be gradually improved.
DD motor
The shape design of the motor can be analyzed by using the finite element method (FEM), and this project has also been verified in the real machine.
Most parameters need to be confirmed and analyzed for the entire direct drive motor. A system that can perform automatic analysis can be constructed. This system starts with a table of major dimensions and components, then makes a FEM model, and then Input conditions and analysis to improve the efficiency of the design. The magnetic flux density distribution of the automatically generated FEM model is shown in Figure 2.
Because the structure of the DD motor is an outer rotor type, it is different from the servo motor of the internal rotor structure. In the case of a large number of poles, a larger torque can be generated. This bearing force occurs at the start of the DD motor and In the case of rotation, the mechanical inertia of the stop is the largest, and it also determines the positioning performance of the DD motor.