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Lubrication System of Cam indexer

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Update time : 2019-03-09 22:12:54
It is believed that this topic is the focus of all mechanical industries. The stable operation of machinery and the continuous operation of good working conditions are the embodiment of the greater value of enterprise production to ensure the service life of machinery. Cam indexer is a high-frequency moving component. While the splitting of cam and roller generates power, the rolling friction generates heat, so the cooling of lubricating oil products in the inner chamber is as follows: Necessary.
In industrial production, most of the main oils used for cam indexer lubrication are high-quality gear oil, adding appropriate hydraulic additives, increasing the strength of grease, rolling friction caused by the contact between cam and roller. Under the action of proper viscous oil, on the one hand, the temperature of the inner cavity is reduced, the surface of the parts increases lubricity and reduces wear, while avoiding it as far as possible. It's rusty.
The use of equipment must abide by the principle of maintenance instead of repair. The use of cam indexer is the same. The new cam indexer has been injected by the manufacturer with new lubricating oil. The manufacturer needs to check the oil quantity through oil mirror before using. In addition, the situation of the inner cavity of the cam indexer must be checked regularly before using, especially whether there is oil leakage or abnormal sound. For example, the inspection of lubrication system should be included in the daily machine spot inspection items, and the oil products should be replaced periodically according to the requirements.
In every oil replacement of cam indexer, attention should be paid to checking the clarity of the oil used, cleaning the iron chips in the inner chamber of the cam indexer, and checking the integrity of the sealing gasket of the fastening screw. The original dirty oil must be cleaned up, the filling hole should be cleaned before filling, and the filling quantity should be filled strictly according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, not too much or too full. After filling, the lock should be tightened. Screw, check whether there is oil leakage, observe from the outside oil mirror. At the beginning of each oil change, temperature check and noise check should be carried out on the outside surface of the cam indexer before starting the equipment.
Lubrication maintenance of cam indexer involves the disassembly of the machine body. It is suggested that the professional engineer or the manufacturer should take care of it so as to ensure the inspection after the professional maintenance of the equipment. Because of the simplicity of the structure of the cam indexer, its maintenance and maintenance are easily neglected. Therefore, the cam component is used here for all the engineers and technicians involved in the use of the cam indexer. Cutter is a kind of high precision cutting equipment, its use, maintenance and maintenance must be paid attention to.
In order to ensure the stable operation of the cam indexer and the accuracy of its own parameters, the cam indexer manufacturers need to periodically check the cam indexer in use, and establish relevant equipment management system. According to the technical parameters and items, the forms of daily, weekly, monthly and annual point inspection can be determined. Specific point inspection items can refer to the following relevant. Content.