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Judging and processing method for inaccurate positioning of cam indexer-index drive

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Update time : 2019-06-27 22:01:04
The inaccurate positioning of the cam indexer will cause the error between the fixture and the production workpiece on the automatic rotary machine to be too large. In some cases, it will not be able to produce. The engineer believes that the positioning accuracy is also an important indicator to measure the quality of the indexer. How to judge and process the cam Is the indexer rotation positioning inaccurate?
 cam indexer-index drive
The positioning is not accurate. It is necessary to distinguish the situation. The engineer analyzes it with everyone. First, it is judged that the positioning of the indexer is based on the premise that the disc fixture is in conformity with the specifications, to determine which type of positioning error. Whether it is the positioning error of the upper and lower axis, or the radial positioning error of the left and right. For the axial error of the upper and lower, it is necessary to measure the axial jitter of the disc in the case of the operation of the indexer, thereby judging whether the selecte model of the indexer matches the load used, the material and diameter of the disc. The size, the thickness and the external force of the automated system such as stamping during the processing.
For the left and right error of the positioner of the indexer, it is necessary to first judge whether there is any error in all the stations. In the view of the engineer, all the stations have errors, and the influence of the inertia of the indexer disc is determined, and as the driving source. Whether the motor is stable; in the case of a single station error, on the one hand, due to the manufacturing error of the cam curve, or the needle bearing mounting hole on the output shaft turret is offset, very rarely the needle bearing The outer diameter is large or the error caused by the deformation of the individual needles is too large; there is also a case where the wear of the cam curve for long-term use is also the cause of inaccurate positioning.
Due to the inaccurate positioning caused by the internal components of the above cam indexer, it is necessary to replace the cam or the needle bearing. This work engineer strongly recommends returning to the production plant for processing because the replacement of new bearings and needles is necessary. The adjustment of the indexer and the measurement of the positioning accuracy, the matching and matching of the new and old components require the manufacturer's engineers to re-examine and confirm.
The engineer told everyone that the new manufacturer's cam indexer, in order to ensure the close-to-gap engagement of the internal components, the installation of the components will be pre-stressed, and the slack will occur as the use time is lengthened. Therefore, the eccentric cover can be self-contained. Adjust to see if the cam indexer can regain high precision positioning accuracy. If not, then it will be done by the manufacturer.