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Installation Method of Cam indexer

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Update time : 2019-03-09 22:05:44
Cam indexer is a kind of high-precision parts. Its production, processing and testing are all carried out by high-precision equipment. Precision processing and correct assembly adjustments are used to obtain the demanding splitting mechanism of customers. Except in the process of packaging, handling and transportation, strong vibration and rough operation are strictly prohibited. Before the demanding manufacturers put into use, they should strictly read the instructions for use by professionals. The personnel shall not adjust, disassemble or assemble the internal facilities without authorization when installing and using them.
Before installing with the motor and other devices, the installation surface of the separator is checked and confirmed, and there is no damage on the surface. In the case of slight scratches and damage, the separator is simply repaired with asphalt sandpaper.
Determine the correct position of the input and output axes, install positioning pins as required, and tighten the screws evenly.
It should be reminded that the cam indexer has a large static impulse due to the action of pulsating load moment. The assembly must be tightened and the connecting parts of the installation must be checked periodically.
The structure characteristics of the cam indexer are that its mounting surface is vertical or parallel to the input and output axes. The installation base of the equipment must ensure that the direction of the input and output axes of the cam indexer is coaxial with the input and output directions of the required equipment, so that deviation and eccentricity can not occur. Otherwise, it will affect the accuracy of output, not only can not meet the needs of use, but also will seriously damage the cam indexer. In any case, the cam indexer is strictly prohibited from working under abnormal stress conditions.
When installing the input and output shafts, all the connections with the input and output shafts of the cam indexer should be in the rotation direction, without backing impact and stable rotation.
Attention should be paid to the installation of turntable, sprocket, belt pulley, gear, flange and other connections on the input and output shafts of the cam indexer. It is forbidden to hammer and impact with hammer vigorously, otherwise needle roller bearing of cam in cam indexer will be produced.
When the input and output shafts are erected, adequate central adjustment should be made first. The input and output shafts of the cam indexer are processed by H6 level, including the aperture of the cam indexer, so they are smoother when pressing, and the fixed connection keys should not be loosened when the upper and lower limit deviations between the holes and shafts are matched.
After the installation of the cam indexer, the eccentricity or step errors of the worktable used in conjunction with the installation of parts processing, accessories, fixtures and tools should be adjusted and eliminated simultaneously through the detection of the instrument.