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Installation method and use precautions for using cam indexer in turntable  

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Update time : 2019-06-26 20:17:59
The intermittent function of the indexer is mostly used in the automatic rotary machine. How to install the body is also a concern of engineers. Here, the engineers of Li An Printing make a detailed summary for everyone.
cam indexer
Pre-installation inspection
Before installing the indexer, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the indexer's body, confirm the relevant parameters of the indexer's station drive angle, etc. according to the drawings and design requirements, as well as the product manual and precautions. The mounting surface of the cam indexer has No damage, the surface of the access shaft is smooth, no rust, non-standard requirements related items need to be confirmed, positioning holes, shaft lengthening, etc., oil mirror and oil level on the surface of the box to ensure normal lubrication in the operation of the indexer And cooling. The input shaft drives the mounting surface of the motor, and the induction system is connected to the indexer.
Body installation
After confirming the mounting surface of the divider, etc., install the body, and install the motor and the indexer input shaft. For the installation of the direct connection and the synchronous wheel drive, check whether it interferes with other equipment. The output shaft and the drive circle When installing the disc, pay attention to adjusting the matching between the machining position of the disc clamp and the static position of the indexer. Install the locating pin and tighten the screws evenly. Li An Printing engineers suggested that the indexer will carry a certain axial and radial load regardless of its static and rotating, so the installation is firm. After the installation of the entire organization, it is necessary to check the installation situation again.
Debugging use
The inside of the box of the divider is a sealed mechanism, so the internal oil will heat up due to mechanical friction during use. Therefore, the vent hole of the box must be opened before use to ensure the inside of the box. Balance with the external air pressure. Before starting the machine, pay attention to cleaning the debris and undercuts around the transmission system to prevent the card from moving before the machine is running. Before commissioning, it is necessary to check and set up other influencing facilities that affect the use of the indexer, motor, induction system, PLC connection, etc. Then, adjust the motor governor to the lowest gear point, confirm the operation is OK, then gradually accelerate To the normal use of the speed, observe the movement state in the middle, whether there is abnormal noise or the like.
In the view of Li'an Printing Engineer, in normal use, it is necessary to strictly maintain and maintain the manual according to the instructions of the indexer. At the same time, establish a long-term effective mechanical inspection system, and regularly follow up and confirm the operation of the entire automation system.