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Indexer_Cam indexer factors to consider when selecting a motor

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Update time : 2019-04-27 19:50:06
  The cam indexer can realize intermittent motion under the premise of driving source drive. What kind of motor is used by the cam indexer is common knowledge that all selection engineers must understand. In the automation design, the motor is an indispensable part and is also necessary. In part, taking the use of the cam indexer as an example, an analysis of the factors that need to be considered during the use of the motor is for your reference.
  In the intermittent rotary running device of the cam indexer, the types of motors to be used include the following: 1. Micro-speed motor; 2. Gear motor; 3. Stepper motor; 4. Servo or programmable AC. Motor. At present, most of the methods used in the market are select from the perspective of simplicity of operation and cost. Miniature speed-regulating motors and gear-type geared motors are the majority of choices.
  Through the universality of the motor used in the above cam indexer, the first two types of motors are used for reference, and the factors to be considered in the selection are analyzed. 1. According to the need to confirm whether the motor needs braking, that is, we call the brake speed control motor, and the speed control motor without brake; 2. In the choice of the motor, based on the operation requirements of the entire automation system, can also design whether A programmable motor is used. 3. The selection of motor speed regulation and fixed speed category, the so-called speed control motor refers to the speed adjustment of the motor by the speed control box; and the fixed speed motor refers to the motor that only selects the rated power; 4. The motor Theoretical speed, under normal circumstances, the motor removes various frictions, the actual speed is set to 1350 rev / min; 5. The range of the reduction ratio; 6. The voltage and current used. Usually used with the power called the motor.
  Summarize the above mentioned points about the factors that need to be referenced for the use of the motor of the cam indexer. The calculation method in the process of selecting the motor will be shared with the actual operation, and the cam indexer will select the drive source. In order to ensure better performance of the indexer and ensure the service life of the indexer, it saves costs and creates greater value for the enterprise.