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How to use motor to control cam indexer

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Update time : 2019-05-07 21:20:30
How to control the cam indexer with a motor? At present, most of the indexer motors used by the indexer manufacturers are mainly ordinary gear reducer motors, which are controlled by starting and stopping the motor, mainly by power-off, braking or clutch and frequency converter. Mainly look at the actual requirements of the use of the indexer, through experience, it is better to use the inverter to control, because the inverter can also play the role of the brake, the effect will be better than the motor's own brake.
How to know the division degree of the indexer, taking the 60-degree division angle as an example, the implementation of the 60-degree division angle, after the disk surface turns 60 degrees, the cam indexer will enter the angle of repose, and the angle of repose generally has a range. As long as the disk is stopped within this range, it is not moving. The position of the angle of repose can generally be seen from the input shaft. The drawing has a standard position indicating that the half of the angle of repose is the keyway. As a result, the sensor sheet can be made to have the same size as the angle of repose, so that the point can be resolved. Or a little bigger, you can sense it in advance. This depends on the speed. In general, all photoelectric sensors are used.
The cam indexer is usually divided into 4 segments and 6 segments according to the requirements of the actual processing station. One end of the indexer is driven by the motor, and the other end is used as the control part. The light sensor is used to complete the control, and the motor starts and stops. It is judged by this proximity switch. In the case of 4 divisions, the other end of the divider has a quarter-notched circular metal body, and the proximity switch senses the metal body. One turn of the gap is not sensed every revolution. Then it means that the indexer is in place and can be stopped, so it stops in place. Control method: At any time, the proximity switch senses the metal body. After starting, there is a quarter of the notch when it is rotated. If the sensor detects that it is not inductive, then let the motor stop working, so that it can be accurately positioned without delay control, otherwise there will be a misalignment phenomenon. The signal cam proposed above is a common and inseparable component of the indexer. Because the driving angle of the signal cam and the input shaft cam in the indexer is the same.