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How to repair and lubricate the cam indexer?cam indexing drives

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Update time : 2019-08-01 21:47:53
Before using the indexer, replace the filler hole with a vented cap with holes to ensure the internal and external air pressure balance of the cabinet.
The divider should always clean debris, undercuts, etc. around the drive system. In case the indexer blocks the card movement.
The indexer and input and output shaft connectors and transmission parts should be regularly inspected.
cam indexing drives
The indexer pays attention to the slack of the coupling, the pulley, the sprocket, the gear and the output transmission body, and the tension of the belt and the sprocket, the meshing clearance of the gear, etc. should be absolutely guaranteed.
If you find any of the following, stop running immediately:
1. The indexer has abnormal vibration.
2. The indexer has an abnormal sound.
3. The indexer has a reverse impact in the cam rest zone.
4. The indexer has no split output in the corresponding intermittent number or splits the output unstable or has no split output at a certain position.
In this case, the indexer can be removed and the rear cover of the mechanism can be opened to find out the cause.
1. Check if the cam is damaged. If it can not be used again, if it can not be used, the replacement cam can be contacted. If there is no damage or light damage, the indexer can still be used without adjusting the axial position.
2. Check if the needle roller bearing in the indexer wheel is damaged. If the needle bearing is damaged, if there is oil breakage or damage, replace the needle roller bearing.
There are two ways to replace the indexer output shaft:
First, the output sleeve is loosened, and the indexer takes out the output shaft. Do not loosen the gland at the rear end, so that the axial position does not change when loading again.
Second, the indexer loosens the lock nut at the rear end of the output shaft and the output sleeve at the front end, and the output shaft can be taken out together with the sleeve. When the loader is loaded, only the lock nut can be used to return the output shaft to the original one. position. If you are not sure about your own repair, you can contact a professional technician for consultation and repair.
Cam indexer lubrication and maintenance
Lubrication is extremely important to ensure the operating state and service life of the indexer.
Proper lubrication can effectively reduce the heat generated by friction of internal parts and prevent rust, thus reducing wear. Conversely, improper lubrication can cause wear on these parts in a short period of time.
The choice of lubricants is also very important. Moderate lubrication with improper lubrication can also adversely affect the divider. For example, if the viscosity of the lubricating oil used is too low, the dynamic viscosity will decrease relatively when the temperature rises during operation, which may result in the formation of an oil film on the transmission surface, which causes the rotating surface to directly contact and thus cause wear. Therefore, lubricant measures that are appropriate, appropriate, and compatible with the conditions of use are very important.