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How to manually test the indexer before use

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Update time : 2019-06-11 19:56:04
Before the indexer is used, it will be measured by various sizes and parameters. At the same time, various types of adjustments should be made for various sizes to achieve the good mechanical properties that the indexer itself needs to achieve. From the perspective of the manufacturer, how do you perform a simple test on the newly purchased indexer?
The cam indexer structure is relatively simple in appearance, but due to its own precision, it determines that its assembly and adjustment is a simple process. We know that the cam cam is designed and processed, and it is for the machining program. The design is stricter, and its processing curve is more complicated.
However, the assembly requires the internal components of each indexer to be properly matched and articulated to achieve the best mechanical performance during use. Therefore, it is necessary to manually use the indexer before using the newly purchased indexer. The test to determine the effect of the indexer before use, most of the indexer assembly problems and interference are generally attributed to imperfect assembly and debugging.
First, test operation
First, turn the input shaft of the indexer by hand (of course, for a relatively small indexer), each station rotates, the manual touch can judge the smoothness of the input rotation, and the station for the output shaft Switch the condition to check to ensure smooth operation of the indexer's access shaft. When rotating, you should pay attention to whether the angle and position are accurate, whether the torque generated by friction is too large, and whether the interlocking with the surrounding components is effective. When the model of the indexer is large or the installation space cannot be manually rotated, the motor can be started to check the indexer at the slowest speed or near the idle speed. Start the motor for the indexer test, pay attention to the observation and test from the aspects of hearing, vision or touch.
Second, continuous operation
After the preliminary test of the indexer has been carried out normally, the motor is restarted from the slowest speed and rotated continuously for further testing, starting from the low speed rotation and slowly adjusting to the whole automation. The speed of the system during operation, pay attention to whether there are abnormal sounds, vibration, temperature rise and oil leakage. After confirming the error, check the initial wear and the accuracy change with a long rotation.