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How to guarantee the service life of the cam indexing drive?

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Update time : 2019-04-01 23:45:11
This is a lengthy topic. Any company wants to make its own equipment more capable and create greater value. The use of the cam indexer is the same. Every link determines the service life of the component. How can we make the cam indexer components extend their service life and bring more capacity to the enterprise?
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The choice of cam indexer, a company with a product demand is not the choice of direction, it is recommended that the automation industry engineers must first select the product, do not approve the direct purchase of the finished product, the better way is through a customized way Complete the purchase of the product. The selection of the cam indexer is recommended by the following points: 1. Brand, 2. History of the manufacturer 3. Accuracy of the product. The accuracy of the product is difficult to select, but the internal engineer also has a way to use the processing equipment of the cam indexer. The use of testing equipment, as well as the technical capabilities of engineers, and the communication with the engineers of the manufacturer are the key links. If you answer the OK and the available technicians, you can't analyze and select the parameters from the mechanical principle and the production parameters. Advise everyone not to adopt them. The main purpose of the selection is to tailor the work, if even the basic Principle engineers can't conduct comprehensive analysis, so how can we choose a more suitable product?
The installation of the product, the accuracy of the cam indexer determines the professionalism and technicality of the installation, the connection of the mechanical components is slightly misplaced, and the accuracy of the entire component is affected. The segmentation of each angle in the accuracy of the cam divider is related. The driving force of the whole body, the installation and debugging is not in place, it will seriously affect the drive cam inside the cam indexer, which will directly affect the segmentation accuracy, and there may be no big difference in a short time, but the time is long. It will cause more serious damage. Therefore, the installation and commissioning must be carried out by professional engineers. The conditions can be guided by the manufacturer or directly installed and debugged by the manufacturer.
The maintenance and repair of the cam indexer to maintain the repair is a rule that all mechanical equipment complies with. During the use of the cam indexer, the maintenance and maintenance must be carried out strictly in accordance with the requirements of the manual. At the same time, the periodic inspection arrangement is carried out, and the faulty operation cannot be carried out. The cam indexer has been precisely debugged by the manufacturer before leaving the factory. The better state of precision, so even if the equipment fails in use, it is not recommended to be dismantled directly by the manufacturer. It should be instructed by the manufacturer or directly handed over to the manufacturer for processing.
The correct use and maintenance of the machine will ensure the stable operation of the equipment, and it is also a better way to guarantee the service life. The cam indexer is especially important in this respect because of its own characteristics and precision. The enterprise pays more attention to the value and correctness. The use of the method is precisely a better embodiment of the value.