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How to control the indexer_Rotary indexing tables

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Update time : 2019-04-09 20:42:52
What we are talking about is the rotary indexing tables (intermittent indexer) commonly used in automation equipment. The rotary indexing tables has the distinction between the drive angle and the angle of repose. When the input cam moves to the position of the angle of repose, the indexer action is completed and the output shaft is at The stationary state is not moving. The length of the rest time depends on how much the driving angle of the indexer is select when the rotary indexing tables is select. After the static input of the cam is completed, the driving state is entered. Under the action of the cam drive, the output shaft moves. Of course, the movement time also depends on the size of the driving angle set at the beginning. The above is only for the dynamic ratio control of the rotary indexing tables product itself.
rotary indexing table
  However, in the actual production process, the stop time of the demand is longer than the stop time of the rotary indexing tables itself. In this case, the indexer mentioned in the title is in addition to its own dynamic and static ratio control. Other ways of control. There are many control methods commonly used, inverter control, clutch control, brake control, motor start and stop control, photoelectric induction control, PLC control, on/off control.
  The above control methods can not achieve satisfactory results by simply using one type. It is necessary to effectively judge and combine according to the advantages and disadvantages of each method, and learn from the shortcomings to achieve the actual needs of production and processing. It is better to use the inverter to control the indexer in the above method. In addition to having the effect of dynamic stop, the braking effect of the inverter is better than that of the motor. Most manufacturers also adopt this method, using a combination of a motor with a brake, a photoelectric sensor switch, and a frequency converter. The entire operating process.
  In addition, the PLC is used in the automation equipment. When using a stepping motor or a servo motor, a signal cam is mounted on the input shaft, and the opening of the signal cam is the same as the static angle of the cam divider. In this case, In combination with the photoelectric sensor, the signal from the photoelectric sensor rotates and stops the motor, which can better operate the rotary indexing tables according to the predetermined time. Such a combination will be a machine such as a indexer and a motor. Better control is carried out, and the degree of damage to the machine itself is also low. In short, the control method of the indexer is various. The experienced engineers and technicians will combine the needs of their own production to ensure the better state of the machine and equipment under the premise of ensuring the production and technical parameters, and formulate a suitable segmentation’s control method.