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How to control the degree of the indexer?

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Update time : 2019-04-22 20:08:24
The cam indexer is a kind of rotary device commonly used in automatic machinery. Its high speed, high precision and high torque are not realized by other mechanical structures. At present, in terms of intermittent component requirements, DD motor The accuracy or speed will be slightly better, but on the one hand, the price of the DD motor is too high. On the other hand, the indexer has a greater advantage in terms of the stability and life of the product. So, how is the degree of the indexer controlled?
The determination of the degree of the indexer comes from the technical requirements of the mechanical indexer. The motion of the indexer is the intermittent splitting action of the output shaft when the input shaft rotates continuously. The degree of the indexer we call, For the disc indexer, it is the angle at which the cam indexer rotates to perform a splitting cycle. For example, if the number of processing stations required is determined, then the driving angle is confirmed, that is, the degree of the indexer we are talking about. .
When the cam of the indexer input shaft is divided into the output bearing, the output shaft of the indexer is in the running state, and in the case that the input cam does not perform the cutting motion, then the output shaft is in a stationary state, which is also a cam. Intermittent action of indexer-stop-moving-stop. The angle of motion of the output shaft is reflected in the angle between each station of the output shaft during the operation of the indexer. Usually, there are two stations, four stations, six six, eight stations, 12 workers. Position, etc., then the corresponding angle is 270 degrees, 180 degrees, 120 degrees, 90 degrees, 60 degrees, 45 degrees, 30 degrees and so on.
The above description is only for the description of the disc type intermittent indexer. In the actual production, there will be some irregular intermittent movements, which are required to perform photoelectric induction control or control methods such as PLC according to requirements. In short, the degree of the divider is determined and the product selection is determined in the early stage. In the automation system, the number of stations, the positioning time, the turning time, the number of revolutions of the input shaft, the diameter of the disk, the thickness, etc., are determined. Nature is sure.