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How to choose a qualified cam indexer customized enterprise

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Update time : 2019-04-05 21:58:31
The development of the cam indexer industry is the trend of automation development. The precision of automated industrial machinery has made demanding manufacturers gradually change the procurement method of cam indexer from direct purchase to customized purchase. Then, how can we choose qualified? What about cam indexer customization?
  The automation demand market will hold the cam indexer and other peripheral products of some automation machinery. For the cam indexer product, due to its high precision, the customized production will ensure the matching of product parameters. Under this circumstance, some large and small cam indexer enterprises have launched a full range of customized services, but for some small and medium-sized enterprises that cannot meet the customized standards, if the manufacturers choose improperly, they will invisible losses. Therefore, the first choice for the choice of customized enterprises is the brand. The generation of the cam indexer brand requires a long-cycle process. The influence of the brand comes from the dependence of product quality and the market acceptance of the cam indexer.
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  Secondly, it is necessary to effectively evaluate the technical capabilities of the cam indexer manufacturer. The cam indexer product is not equivalent to the consumer product. Its applicability and matching degree come from various aspects such as technical parameters and precision processing. Two factors, one of which is the use of processing equipment, due to the complex curved surface of the cam indexer product structure, ordinary equipment can not meet the requirements, most enterprises use imported processing equipment. Another factor is the technical level of processing Above, that is, we are talking about engineering and technical capabilities. For a technology-orien enterprise, a high-tech team is a necessary condition for producing high-precision products and an important criterion for customized enterprises.
  Service is also part of the custom selection criteria for cam indexers. Customized services include many aspects. The cam indexer product is a long-cycle process from pre-sales service to intermediate link to after-sales service. Customized manufacturer's inspection process, the company's service level has a great role in promoting customer satisfaction. Therefore, customized enterprise services reflect the development of corporate culture.