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How to adjust the angle of the indexer,index table manufacturers,indexing gearbox

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Update time : 2019-05-30 21:55:29
Recently, many people asked how to adjust the angle of the indexer. I have carefully understood that the original indexer was 4 stations. Now I want to increase the number of discs to six stations on the existing basis. Can you adjust the existing indexer from four stations to six stations? One sentence tells you that it can't be realized.
index table manufacturers,indexing gearbox
The stability of the indexer runs from the structure unique to the indexer cam. Each structure is unique, four stations, and can only be used in an automated machine with four-station indexing. The structure of the cam is distributed over the column. The groove of the shape surface surrounds the center of the cylinder in the form of a curve and a straight line. The groove of the curve is used for the split motion in use, which is the driving action of the indexer, and the linear groove is in use, and does not perform the split motion, that is, The static action of the indexer. The completion of the entire transmission action is determined by the division and cooperation between the cam and the roller. Therefore, the structure of the divider cam groove is fixed, and the matching structure of the roller on the output turret is also fixed, so that the indexer member of the same station and model can only be used for the indexer of the same model. .
Therefore, as the title says, it is impossible to switch the station on the basis of the original structure of the indexer, but there is no way to solve it. For the indexer, if the input and output force inter-axis moment is fixed For example, the original RU45DF-04-270 is used. Now it needs to be changed to RU45DF-06-270. The structure of the outer box of the indexer is the same. You can return the existing indexer to the original factory for transformation. In this case, the difference may be small compared to the purchase of a new indexer, because in the indexer, the main component is the input mechanism and the output mechanism of the indexer.