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How much disc can be driven by the turntable using a splitter

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Update time : 2019-06-09 16:37:30
The automatic rotary disc machine is widely used in various industries. The splitter is indispensable as the intermittent rotary transmission in the middle of the automatic machinery. The disc used in the rotary machine is the factor that must be considered in the selection of the splitter. In theory, what is the diameter of the disc used for the relevant model of the splitter?
Center distance (mm) 45 60 70 80 100 110 140 180 250
Diameter (mm) 225 300 350 400 500 550 700 900 1250

As can be seen, the ratio of the diameter of the disc to the center of the disc is 5 times. The above listed data is only a reference value, or can not be used as the sole basis for the disc used by the splitter. Because as a disc, the diameter is only considered as part of the selection parameters. For large diameters, if its load is light, the load includes the weight of the disc, as well as the workpiece and fixture. Therefore, even if the diameter of the disc is large, and the torque generated by all its loads is within the tolerance of the divider, it can be tolerated.
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Then, in the actual selection design, try to consider light load operation, which will save a lot of kinetic energy for subsequent use. If the previous period is in the selection, how to deal with the overload due to some factors, then how to deal with it? Re-sizing a new splitter will result in a waste of cost. In this case, the only solution is to lose weight for the disc of the splitter. There are many ways to do the regular resection of the entire disc directly in the area where the disc is not used. The so-called regular resection is that the resection area of ​​the disc is distributed as evenly as possible on the disc. Another method is to replace the material of the fixture, using lightweight fixtures to reduce the weight of the entire system.
When the diameter of the disc of the splitter is less than 5 times the center distance of the shaft, it is not necessarily the theoretical data calculated in the above figure. Therefore, when selecting the disc of the splitter, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the technical parameters of various aspects. In order to achieve the desired results.