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How is the induction cam on the cam indexer adjusted?indexing drive shaft

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Update time : 2019-08-17 22:19:53
The indexer needs to realize the mechanical action in the form of intermittent and rocking under the action of the driving source. In the process of using, in order to realize the control of the indexer by an automatic program such as PLC, it is necessary to effectively control the motion state of the indexer. In this way, the function of effectively using the cam indexer can be realized, and the induction system of the cam indexer is mentioned.
indexing drive shaft
The sensing system of the cam indexer is relatively simple relative to the cam mechanism. It consists of three parts: signal cam, cam holder and photoelectric sensor. Here we mainly talk about the signal cam. The signal cam in the induction system is exactly the same as the drive angle of the indexer cam mechanism. That is to say, when the signal cam is correctly installed, the signal cam fully shows the driving angle of the indexer motion. That is, what we call the driving angle of the cam indexer input shaft.
After the various mechanisms of the cam indexer are installed, the final step is to adjust the control system of the indexer, that is, the cam sensing system, to ensure that the access shaft of the indexer is in the reference position.