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How is the cam splitter positioned during high speed operation?

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Update time : 2019-05-29 20:30:49
How is the cam splitter positioned when running at high speed? Need to explain the positioning principle of the splitter.
The positioning of the cam splitter is performed by the cam rotation of the special structure on the input shaft of the splitter, that is, the part of the input cam of the splitter is the needle bearing on the split turret, and the needle is pulled to rotate. The other part of the cam structure is a rolling frictional movement with the needle roller in a stationary state without pulling the needle. That is to say, the groove structure of the cam surface determines the operating state of the splitter operation. Regardless of the number of stations, as long as the driving angle is less than 360 degrees, intermittent rotation is performed by the input cam.
From the principle of the positioner of the splitter, the positioning of the cam indexer during operation is irrelevant to the speed. To control the position of the splitter, it is necessary to use a signal cam that is consistent with the input angle of the splitter input cam, even in the case of high speed operation. The signal cam transmits the rotation state of the cam drive, and combines the sensor switch or the proximity switch to send signals to the control system (PLC) and other devices, and then the system sends control commands to the drive motor according to the cycle requirements of the operation. It is not so much to control the splitter, it is to control the motor used to drive the splitter. The splitter with high speed operation has a small driving angle and a fast rhythm. However, the intermittent function of the dynamic stop is also the splitter. The input force is determined by the cam.