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How does the cam indexer manufacturer establish a system of technical inspection system?

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Update time : 2019-03-31 20:54:57
In order to ensure the stable operation of the cam indexer and ensure the accuracy of the use and its own parameters, the cam indexer manufacturer needs to perform periodic check on the cam indexer in use and establish a related equipment management system, according to technical parameters and projects. The table for the daily inspection, the weekly inspection, the monthly inspection, and the annual inspection is determined. For the specific inspection items, the following related contents can be referred to.
 1. In the system stop state, the surface of the cam indexer is clean, and there are any debris, iron filings and undercuts around the transmission system connected with the cam indexer to avoid the card machine in the operation process. Check if the amount of oil in the oil mirror of the cam indexer is sufficient and observe if the oil body in the oil mirror is turbid. Replenish and replace oil as appropriate. The input shaft and output shaft connecting parts and transmission parts of the cam indexer should be inspected daily, including couplings, pulleys, sprockets, gears,
 Whether the synchronous wheel and the output transmission body, the timing belt, etc. are slack, the tension of the belt and the sprocket, the engagement gap of the gear, and the like are in a normal state. Measurements for belt clearance are recommended by professionals using special measurement tools. Check the tightening screws, especially in the case of equipment maintenance and disassembly, and confirm the relevant tightening screws one by one.
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 2, the confirmation of the start-up operation state: whether the operation is stable, whether there is abnormal vibration, whether the surface of the machine body is shaken, whether there is abnormal noise, whether there is a back impact in the static area of ​​the cam. Whether there is a lost step in the corresponding number of divisions. Regularly disassemble the organization by professional personnel. Check the contents: whether the surface of the cam is damaged. According to the degree of damage, it should be confirmed by a professional engineer or manufacturer, whether it is repaired or replaced. If it can be repaired, be careful not to adjust the axial position. Check the needle roller bearing in the cam indexer for damage. If there is any abnormality, remove the output split shaft in time and replace the needle bearing if necessary.
  For the cam indexer manufacturer's cam indexer inspection project, special personnel should be appointed and a detailed record form for each cycle should be established. And make a summary archive for technical documentation. The daily inspection of the cam indexer is a very important task, on the one hand to ensure the normal operation of the overall equipment, on the other hand is the basis for the analysis and extraction of technical parameters in the product production process. I hope that it will attract the attention of various engineering and technical personnel.