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High speed cam splitter analysis

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Update time : 2019-05-01 15:13:55
The use of cam splitters in automation equipment is becoming more and more extensive, although similar products emerge in an endless stream, such as DD motors, servo motors, hollow rotating platforms, etc., but in terms of actual use, in terms of cost and heavy load In terms of high speed and stability, the advantages of the splitter itself are beyond the reach of other products. So, in the high-speed cam splitter, what is the advantage of being a brand splitter?
The high-speed splitter, literally, means faster, regardless of the input and output axes of the splitter, the speed of rotation is faster than usual. In general, we rotate the input shaft below 1 The second case will be reduced to a high-speed splitter. The rotation speed of the input shaft determines the speed of the splitter in the overall operation. Due to the requirements of various industries and the different processing methods, the rotation time and residence time of the output are also different. The movement time of the output shaft also determines the quality of the splitter and the stability of its use.
As we all know, the splitter has a self-locking function. This feature comes from the special structure of the input cam. It is this feature that makes the static stop of the splitter have advantages over other similar products. In this case, the input shaft rotates at a high speed, and even if it has a fast rhythm, the divider operates relatively stably. What we call stability is that the splitter itself does not cause its own vibration due to transmission. Because the splitting action of the input cam determines that the area where the smooth cam contacts the needle bearing is larger, the stability of the transmission is higher. Therefore, we say that the larger the driving angle, the more stable the operation of the splitter.
The high-speed splitter, the quality of the cam determines the performance of the splitter. On the one hand, the material used by the cam itself, the wear resistance of the material and the smoothness of the material itself, make the splitter move smoothly during the transmission; On the other hand, the quality of the processing, that is, the processing and processing of the processing equipment, we usually say that the imported horizontal machining center has a 360 degree rotation of the cutter head, so for complex cam curves, It is possible to achieve a full range of machining and cutting. We say that the core part of the splitter is the cam of the splitter, which is why.
In the case where the input shaft of the splitter rotates at a high speed, as long as the speed is lower than 1 second or faster, in some conventional splitters, a large vibration occurs, which greatly affects the accuracy and processing quality of the product. It is the above two points that we analyzed. The brand splitter can only be known for its high speed stability, because its own processing technology determines its quality. I believe that through the above analysis, you can give guidance and help in the selection of high-speed cam splitter.