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Factors to consider when selecting the cam indexer

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Update time : 2019-03-18 21:31:38
The development of the automation industry is getting bigger and bigger, the market demand for cam indexers is also increasing, and the increase of production enterprises makes engineers more difficult to select the indexer, because the structure of the product and the related parameters are verified. How to make the choice of the manufacturer is a problem in front of the engineers.
1, the choice of the manufacturer, the production of an industry, the need to participate in the various manufacturers of the industry, from project introduction, technology research and development, to production innovation, is a process of experience, therefore, the scale of development and corporate culture of a company It is possible to decide how far it can go, and this is a condition for us to choose long-term cooperation.
2, the choice of raw materials, the raw materials used to produce the cam indexer must meet the hardness required by the process to ensure its accuracy and longevity. A product with the same appearance, often because of the different raw materials used, will greatly reduce the value of creating production.
3, the choice of production equipment, cam indexer has high requirements for precision, such as the Kemide indexer, the precision has reached 0.002mm, such precision requires the use of high-precision processing equipment, the current domestic high precision The indexer uses imported processing equipment, so in order to achieve the desired effect and accuracy, the equipment is also an indispensable condition.
4, engineering strength and technical team, modern generation industry, especially the current high-speed development of the automation industry, what is really needed is the craftsman spirit, they not only have the skills of old skilled workers, but also skilled use of advanced technology, systems and software. In the case of hardware facilities, the production of a conforming cam indexer, the participation of engineering technology is also a necessary factor.
5, high-tech detection technology means that quality is produced, and the real technology needs to be detected through high-standard technical parameters, so for the industry of cam indexer production, high precision The inspection instrument is indispensable, such as a three-character high-precision measuring device.
6, under the premise of all the above factors, can we consider the price, the cost choice of the cam indexer is also the key to the profitability of the enterprise. Of course, the excellent product is often proportional to its price, we are in the process of selection. In order to fully consider the operability of the product, it not only meets the requirements of use, but also saves costs.