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Factors to choose when choosing a suitable cam indexer,Rotary indexing

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Update time : 2019-08-28 16:52:18
The development of automation has led to a significant increase in the production equipment associated with it. As for products such as indexers, the market demand has also increased, and the number of indexer manufacturers has also increased. Choosing a suitable indexer, engineers have made it difficult to select the indexer. After the structure of the indexer and the calculation of the relevant parameters, how to make the choice of the manufacturer, and the selection of the product The same is important.
Before the selection of the indexer, the automation system has determined the number of work stations, the mechanical movements required by the required indexer, and the objective and objective control of the mechanical parameters of the automation, because these parameters need to be provided to the indexer manufacturer, For the intermittent rotary machine, it is necessary to provide the diameter, thickness, material, intermittent movement time, weight of the workpiece and the clamp, and also confirm whether there is any pressure given to the turntable during the workpiece processing. There is pressure to increase the necessary support. The accuracy requirements of the entire automation must be counted, because any product in the production and production, there must be a theoretically accurate judgment of the accuracy, so that in the selection can have a general direction.
How to choose the manufacturer of the indexer? With the development of the industry, and the current network promotion, from the propaganda point of view, there are many manufacturers of various dividers, and it is difficult to judge the quality of the products. In fact, most of the domestic distributors are dealers. Or in the form of agents, there are not many enterprises that actually manufacture and manufacture the type of domestic indexers. Most of them are assembly factories. Parts are obtained from spare parts cams, cabinets, and turret manufacturers, and then assembled. Of course, the way for such a company to confirm is to go directly to the factory site for inspection. At present, the production plants for domestic dividers are mostly in Shandong and Guangdong. There are only a few companies in the form of assembly, because of the production of dividers. The scale of factory investment is large, and ordinary small enterprises are more difficult to bear the pressure of investment costs. However, this kind of assembly is not a bad thing, because with the current indexer technology and precision, it can basically meet the needs of most domestic enterprises. Even for the rotary machine, the deviation of the 1 meter diameter disc is only a few. It's just that, just for high-speed, high-precision and automated operations that require life, you have to choose carefully.
The cam used to produce the main part of the indexer has higher requirements for raw materials. At present, some manufacturers have a warranty of one year. The main reason is that the wear of the cam can be guaranteed during the year. The raw materials for the production of the cam indexer must be The hardness required for the process is guaranteed to ensure its accuracy and longevity. The current product profit is getting lower and lower, and the cams with different materials have different prices. A product with the same appearance often has a great discount on the production value because of the different raw materials used.
Let's talk about the equipment that produces cams. The cam indexer has high requirements on precision. The ideal state is that the mechanical fit should achieve the effect of no gap. The spare parts should be very precise, and the precision of the equipment produced is also a very important factor. The arc cam is a difficult problem from design to processing. Such precision requires high-precision processing equipment. The processing of the three-dimensional curved curve is difficult to achieve the ideal precision. Currently, Our domestic machine tool processing technology is also improving, but compared with other countries in Europe and America, there is still a gap. In Taiwan, the technology of processing machinery is also ahead of the mainland for decades. Machinery is an eternal and long-term topic. It may be catching up and surpassing overnight, only to say that through our unremitting efforts, we will gradually narrow the gap.
In addition to machine tool processing, some necessary process procedures are also the key to product quality, such as carburizing, high frequency, sand blasting, etc. The improvement of process steps is also the perfection of product quality, and also increases the production cycle of cams. ,
Based on this, it is not surprising that high-quality indexers are costly.
Engineering strength and technical team, modern generation industry, especially the high-speed development of the automation industry, what is really needed is the craftsman spirit. They not only have the skills of old skilled workers, but also skillfully use advanced technology, systems and software. In the case of hardware facilities, the production of a conforming cam indexer, the participation of engineering technology is also a necessary factor. High-tech detection technology means that quality is produced, and the real technology needs to be detected by high-standard technical parameters. Therefore, for the industry of cam indexer production, high-precision inspection Instruments are indispensable, such as high-precision measuring instruments such as three-dimensional.
Under the premise that all the above factors are available, the price can be considered. The cost choice of the cam indexer is also the key to the profitability of the enterprise. Of course, the excellent product is often proportional to its price. When we are selecting, To fully consider the operability of the product, it not only meets the requirements of use, but also saves costs.