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Ensure that the cam indexer repeats positioning accuracy,Daily maintenance is essential

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Update time : 2019-03-25 23:24:49
In the automation equipment, the cam indexer belongs to a high-load main moving part. Due to its high precision, some of it belongs to the high-speed running part. In order to ensure the repeated positioning accuracy of the cam indexer, the cam indexer is used. Daily maintenance becomes especially important, and professional repairs are required for daily failures that occur during use. The following is a small series for everyone to mention the phenomenon of the abnormal effects of several cam indexers in daily work for your reference.
 1. The abnormal sound of the cam indexer.
Before the cam indexer is manufactured, the manufacturer has carried out professional inspection. Moreover, according to the normal use procedure, before use, it is also debugged and tested by the professional engineer of the manufacturer. If there is abnormal noise after a period of use. First, you need to confirm whether the connection between the cam indexer and the motor and other components is loose. Then check the amount of lubricant in the inner cavity, confirm the turbidity of the oil from the oil mirror, and judge whether it is lubricated according to the service life of the cam indexer. In addition to the maintenance period of the oil replacement, if the maintenance period has been exceeded, the oil should be replaced immediately; the cam indexer should be disassembled by a professional engineer or sent to a professional manufacturer for repair.
  2. The cam indexer has a tooth injury.
If the cam of the indexer is damaged, if there is a slight flaw, you can perform a measurement check with a professional engineer or manufacturer to determine whether it can be reused. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the position of the axial direction without the permission of professional engineers or manufacturers. Otherwise, it will cause irreparable damage due to improper operation. If the function of the cam indexer cannot be restored, it will only be replaced with a new one.
3. If the needle roller bearing in the cam indexer wheel is damaged, the needle roller bearing may be damaged during use. The professional mechanical technician or the person arranged by the manufacturer shall disassemble the cam indexer and take out the output split. Shaft to replace the needle bearing. Under normal circumstances, there are two ways to replace the needle bearing. One of them is to loosen the output sleeve first and then take out the output shaft. However, be sure to loosen the back cover when the output shaft is removed. Doing will change the position of the axial direction.
In short, the use of any equipment should be developed into a concept of maintenance, the daily maintenance of the cam indexer is to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, to play the better state of the equipment's own technical parameters, and to extend the service life of the equipment is better. Method, when the equipment itself is abnormal, it is recommended that professional engineers and technicians carry out maintenance and repair. At the same time, for the management of equipment, it is necessary to establish a periodic maintenance management form from day to month to year.