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Driving mode and matters needing attention of input shaft of cam indexer

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Update time : 2019-03-09 20:57:00

In the combination of cam indexer and motor, the driving modes of the motor connected with the input shaft are belt wheel drive, chain wheel drive, synchronous belt wheel drive, gear drive, coupling drive, etc.

In the process of operation, due to the fluctuation of load, the camshaft torque changes positively and negatively in a week, which will cause the slippage of the transmission device. Moreover, only when the camshaft rotates at a certain speed can its function be brought into play. In this way, the instability of camshaft rotation will affect the torque added by the indexer, which will increase significantly, and cause a great impact on intermittent motion, thus unable to achieve the accuracy we need. Therefore, whether technically or experientially, the camshaft and motor drive wheels can not be driven by sliding belts, but by chains that can generate pulsation and clearance gears. At the same time, make sure that the belt or chain used is tightened. When choosing gears or synchronous wheels, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of use, and to eliminate meshing clearance when matching with synchronous belt or chain. At present, most factories use synchronous belt and synchronous wheel, because synchronous belt and synchronous wheel have many advantages, one is to ensure synchronization; in addition, synchronous belt and synchronous wheel will not produce clearance in the transmission process; and in use, vibration is small, can achieve high-speed operation; at the same time, in order to enhance stability, the effect of selecting large diameter synchronous wheel is better.
In the process of using the cam indexer, the input shaft of the cam indexer adopts the structure of input key connection, so in the transmission process, because of the instability of many factors and the fluctuation of driving load, it is easy to loosen the key connection and appear the matching clearance. In this way, the motion of the input shaft is discontinuous, the synchronization effect is not good, and the impact will occur, not only the connection will be made. Accessories are easily damaged, including the cam and needle roller bearings inside them will also be affected to varying degrees. Therefore, before entering the use of the cam indexer, every factory must be installed and debugged by professional engineers and technicians, and at the same time, every connecting part of the cam indexer should be checked regularly in the use process.