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Comprehensive Analysis and Diagnosis of the Combination of Stepping Motor and Cam index drives

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Update time : 2019-03-09 21:17:00
The combination of stepper motor and cam indexers is used to achieve precise positioning in machinery. The influence on the demand precision is determined according to the type of the two components. If it belongs to the fixed position, the stepper motor has no effect on the cam indexers. However, if any point is stopped, the positioning inaccuracy will occur, because the stepper motor will come out. Loss of step will directly affect the positioning inaccuracy of the cam indexers.
positioning inaccuracy,cam indexer
In some factories, the number of pulses will be used to fine-tune the position of the cam index drives, which depends on the driver they use. The current control program can be divided into two categories: photoelectric induction, which is used by most factories at present, and PLC processing, which can start and stop at any angle by using PLC, that is to say, step by step through the number of pulses. Adjustment of positioning and precision control, but this control method will save the above mentioned common failures, signal step loss, resulting in segmentation can not achieve unification, it can not achieve the accuracy of stopping at any point.
The combination of stepper motor and cam indexers will produce vibration. The main reason is that when stepper motor runs at low speed, the output torque is not enough, that is to say, the impulse is not enough. The vibration will affect the segmentation accuracy of cam indexers. So in stepping motors, many engineers adopt the method of not accelerating and decelerating, and adopt a larger driving angle to ensure the load torque.
The cam indexers has the function of positioning self-locking under the condition of fixed position, which mainly ensures high accuracy and good stability, while it has no function of self-locking when stopping at any point, because in the combination of stepping motor and cam indexers, the motor acts as the driving function and the cam indexers acts as the role of precise positioning. To achieve higher accuracy, we should start with widening the diameter of the disk used in the indexers to ensure that the radiation angle increases, which will also ensure the smooth operation.
In a word, the combination of stepping motor and cam indexers is an eternal technology, which requires all engineers and technicians, as well as experts in this industry, to continue their scientific and technological research and exploration, so as to make this technology more optimized.