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Choose a suitable rotary cam indexer

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Update time : 2019-04-23 20:12:18
The use of the rotary indexing principle of the rotary cam indexer is very extensive in the automatic assembly machinery industry. How to select a suitable cam gear mechanism, to maximize the mechanical performance of the splitter itself, optimize the cost, and utilize the stability of the rotary cam indexer and Features such as long life and greater value create greater value. This article explores two common splitter devices that can be used in a rotating index and provides suggestions for proper selection. One is the indexing drive of the rotary cam indexer, and the other is the servo rotating platform with a large demand on the market.
Rotary cam indexers are a ubiquitous mechanism in automated machinery and have been used in rotating mechanical transmissions for decades since the invention of the Americans. They are ideal for applications in automated machines that are always indexed at the same segmentation angle and are machined at very reasonable cost and with high precision. The interior of the rotary cam indexer relies primarily on the cam to provide motion control to position the load. From the perspective of the mathematical motion curve principle, extremely smooth and repeatable splitter motion is provided by the rotational motion of the cam.