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Causes of disk surface jitter using a cam indexer,rotary indexing unit

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Update time : 2019-06-14 20:11:19
The use of rotary disc machines is becoming more and more wide, especially for assembly and processing machinery produced by large batches, such as screw machines, which are generally involved in the tapping of hardware products. It is necessary to design drilling, tapping and riveting stations. The weight of the disc itself and the workpiece of the fixture are relatively heavy, so the best choice for applying intermittent transmission is the cam divider. In practical applications, especially in the early stage of the use of the automatic rotary machine, the disc surface jitter sometimes occurs, and should be analyzed for the following reasons.
cam indexer,rotary indexing unit
First, the cam indexer is used in the case of overload, confirming the quality of the cam indexer, the connecting flange fixing screw of the cam indexer connected to the disc, the fixing of the fixed surface of the cam indexer, the installation and use of the automatic induction system completely Under the correct premise, the load of the disc carried by the indexer should be confirmed first. At the beginning of the indexer selection, the load of the system includes the sum of the weights of all the components such as the disc, the clamp and the workpiece, but sometimes it is because The theoretical data is deviated from the parameters produced in actual use, or the theoretical accounting value is close to the actual demand value. In particular, some technical parameters that are conservatively estimated in the design will exist, even if the coefficients of all aspects are consistent. In the case of use, there is a deviation. In this case, from the viewpoint of cost saving, the disc can be subjected to the method of removing the weight and reducing the weight, or the material can be replaced, or the fixture can be replaced according to the use of the fixture material. .
Second, the bounce of the disc surface, if the disc is too thin, the whole system will be unstable or the board will be beaten. In this case, the material used for the disc needs to be confirmed, and the output flange surface and circle of the cam indexer Whether the connection of the disk surface is tight or not, and also the inspection reference position of the divider, that is, whether the angle of repose of the divider matches the angle actually used.
Third, the operation of the motor is unstable. Many people in the automation system will not pay attention to this aspect. It is precisely this problem that the link will often be unstable because the cam indexer itself does not have the function of driving, so the motor Stability, which plays a vital role in the operation of the entire automation system, the input of current, the stability of the shifting gear, the choice of motor speed ratio, etc., will have a fundamental impact on the rotation of the disc.