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Can the cam indexer be reversed-globoidal cam indexing drives

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Update time : 2019-06-21 20:12:33
Many automation systems refer to the range angle problem for indexer indexing when selecting a cam indexer. Here again, the problem of the range angle and the index angle is taken from the perspective of another noun.
globoidal cam indexing drives
The indexing angle of the indexer refers to the number of movement stops when the output shaft of the indexer rotates 360 degrees around the center point of the shaft. For example, four station dividers, we call it four stations, four divisions, Four equal parts, four divisions, etc., then, for each movement, the output shaft is moved from static to static or from static to dynamic. One of the four angles from point A to point B is called indexing. Angle, so the four-station indexer's indexing angle is a quarter of a 360-degree angle, which is 90 degrees. We say that the four-station indexer has an indexing angle of 90 degrees. The output shaft stays at the position of each indexing point, and completes the complete mechanical action of the output shaft before the next action is started. For the exit shaft of the four-station indexer, the mechanical action includes 90 degrees. Degree and angle of repose of 0 degrees.
The stroke angle of the indexer, connected to the previous paragraph, the four-station indexer output shaft is in a complete mechanical action, the indexer input shaft rotates 360 degrees a week, wherein the output shaft is at a 90-degree angle The angle at which the input shaft rotates is called the stroke angle of the indexer, also called the drive angle. When the output shaft is at the angle of complete mechanical action, the input shaft is still rotating until the one-week motion is completed, then the remaining angle Called the angle of repose of the input axis.
For engineers who are new to the indexer, it is generally easier to confuse the concept of the drive angle of the indexer. As long as you understand the internal structure of the indexer and the principle of the indexer, you can clearly distinguish the concept, as we have enumerated. In the four-station indexer, the output shaft rotates 360 degrees in one revolution, and the input force rotates four 360 degrees in the same four weeks.